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What is kitsch style?

Kitsch (/kɪtʃ/ KITCH; loanword from German) is a term applied to art and design that is perceived as naïve imitation, overly eccentric, gratuitous or of banal taste.

Kathryn learned photography as an eBay reseller during The Great Recession, selling thrifted jewelry to Courtney Love at Chateau Marmont and frequently landing on Etsy's front page. She was self-employed as a product photographer for a decade before compiling her fine art and editorial portfolio.

Kathryn is an experienced product, clothing and food photographer, regularly partnering with local restaurants. Kathryn's product work can be wildly eye-catching and colorful. For the less daring, she also offers more subdued options.

Selections from Kathryn's Vintage Kitsch eBay Listings...

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