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Visual Storytelling



Kathryn, influenced by 1980s punk subculture, wants to engage the most provocative topics she can find. She believes that individualism is a disempowering, isolating force. Kathryn tries to build bridges by displaying our inherent commonality. She believes photojournalism should be a tool to challenge, rather than affirm, our convictions.

An Indiana native, Kathryn is committed to capturing the Midwest with authenticity. She will not employ gimmicks or clichés about flyover country in her work and is not seeing rural America for the first time. Kathryn is a proud Hoosier who believes in the dignity and ingenuity of her neighbors and home state. She is deeply concerned about cultural divisiveness, hopes her work is void of political influence and claims no political affiliation whatsoever.

Kathryn may capture politicized topics, but endeavors with great intentionality to do so without bias. She believes in the power of local journalism. She feels that Midwestern stories should be told by Midwestern photojournalists, who then live accountably amongst their subjects as neighbors. Kathryn pursues underrepresented topics. She believes that documentary photographers must be polite observers and that everyone she photographs is owed her full attention and respect.

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​​​"I think the way forward is somehow to make it emotional, to rediscover the idea of transcending yourself and joining together with other people [...] I think the mood of the moment has to do with a sense that if you’re going to the woods on your own, it’s scary, and you feel weak. But if you go with your friends, it’s fun." -English documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, 2012



  • Sarah Schulman

  • ​Helen Prejean

  • ​Ruth Wilson Gilmore

  • ​Loretta J. Ross

  • ​Daryl Davis

  • ​Bryan Stevenson

  • ​Barbara Ehrenreich

  • David Graeber 

  • Rachel Held Evans

  • ​Robert D. Putnam

  • Adam Curtis

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